Oct 2, 2012

Expanding my Mosasaur ranks

I was in an artistic funk, but had a long weekend the last few day where I had the time to let loose. So rather than give into my apathy, I figured I'd aim to do some more obscure critters. Obscure because that has so far been my ticket to success (which makes sense, everyone and anyone has done T-Rex, but how many have done Squalodon). 

 So I decided to tackle something easy, but still neat. Thus I did one of the most unusual of Mosasaurs. The crocodile (yet cartoon) like Goronyosaurus.

Seriously it is such a ridiculous skull.

The shader proved (as always) to be the time consuming part. I went for a Leopard Seal, after a failed Pilot Whale scheme.

The only problem is I have no reliable info on body proportions on one of these guys. Only the skull...

Does anyone know much about Goronyosaurus.

Thoughts or comments?

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