Oct 4, 2012

Making Splashes

I've always loved creating stuff to do with water, but hated making the water itself in 3D. It is a very complex and finicky substance to imitate, especially when it comes to splashes. Typically I've tried to use Carrara's frustratingly limited particle systems for these, but they are next to impossible to get precious control over and add horrendous amounts of render time.

With my new Goronyosaur piece, I need splashes EVERYWHERE, but I'll be darned if I'm going to waste days and days fighting with particles (AND rendering them) to make this happen (if they let me in the first place). So I've branched out into a new tool in Carrara I've never used before, one I should have tried years ago!

Work still in progress
It is called metaball, and it seems perfectly built to make still water splashes. I was able to use it instantly for this purpose (although admittedly I won't be able to do anything else with it at all right now). All you do is create spheres that the program than will connect through virtual viscosity, and thus you get great looking water.

The only issue I'm having is keeping droplets the right size at moment.

I do need to tune the splash shader a bit, but for a quick 20 minute play I think these prototype splashes are promising...

Thoughts or comments?


BlacknickSculpture said...

Sweet! I can't wait to see this one completed. I love creating water effects but I think in 3D they are just as much of a headache.

Craig Dylke said...

Thanks Brian!

Yeah water is a funny thing isn't it. Because it is everywhere, and constantly in our lives we think of it as simple... Yet when you really look at the stuff it is one of the most complex and mindboogling substances on the planet!

This new method of making water for me is pretty simple in good news. Sadly seeing the final results are a true pain, as once again it is killing me render time (aka how long my computer takes to draw the "final" version)