Mar 12, 2012

My First Non Tylosaurine Mosasaur!

Despite being a huge Mosasaur buff, I've never actually completed a model of one besides Taniwhasaurus/Tylosaurus. Not to say I haven't built multiple incarnations of that critter (I think I'm currently on the 6th or 7th version of it since I started tinkering with it in 2006).

Today I managed to officially change that with the completion of a Globidens.
My only issue here is I've been modelling with no idea of overall skeletal proportions in this animal. The only papers I have go over skull proportions, and these I think I've nailed. However I have no idea how all the other bits and pieces sized up together. So this is my approximation off of gut feeling... Anyone with a better knowledge set I'd welcome input!

So here he is. So while I try to track down proportional data, I also need to finish off the mouth and teeth...


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