Mar 11, 2012

Keeping Clam

I just love building underwater stuff, so the Dan Varner gallery has given me a real excuse to really cut loose. That and it lets me build up my model population and resources for a few New Zealand palaeo projects I have in mind (namely books and education articles).

So while I tinker away on the Kelp scene (which is giving me no end of rendering malfunctions), I've got a couple other scenes on the go. Today saw this new one.

One is now I have an Elasmosaurid model. Their heads are really weird I have to say, and I need to tweak it a bit more. Otherwise he is functional.

This scene is not what those in the know might think. While yes we know that Elasmosaurs would have scooped through the ocean floor for rocks for their stomach, there are some new finds in Australia that showed in addition to fish and squid, some Elasmos were eating bottom dwelling snails and clams! So here is my scene.

I'm also going to add a Globidens (aka clam eating) Mosasaur in here too, as it is believed competition from Mosasaur drove Elasmosaurs to be such generalist feeders.

Thoughts and/or comments.

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