Nov 6, 2011

Pickup Trolley (Pimp my 推车 part 1)

After my first week with my trolley or Tuiche 推车, I definitely was in need of a modification. The lack of a solid bottom was letting my school nearly fall through my trolley (the bag I packed them in prevented them from outright escaping, but there was some definite dragging on occasion).

My solution sadly confirms me as a true Albertan, but I swear it is functional as opposed to aesthetic.

I turned my 推车 into a pickup.

At a houseware store I picked up a cheap plastic box (for about $4CAN). Key features were the box's size (in this case ideal for holding my school supplies) and the pre-molded handles on the sides.

The size criteria I hope is self evident...

The handles are for properly securing the box to the trolley.

To do that you need the 推车 enthusiast's secret weapon, duck ta... errr no wait not a handy man here... for trolleys you need bungee cord.

The handles give you the means of sturdily attaching your box to the trolley. Just run the bungee cord through both.

The cord ends attach at the top to holds the trolley stable side to side.

Running your cord through the bottom framework holds the box on the trolley.

The only disadvantage is that the trolley loses its ability to easily collapse and fold up.

In my book that is not as important as getting my stuff to work in one piece, so I'll leave with it. You other 推车 lovers out there need to keep it in mind when making this change.

Coming soon a totally aesthetic modification to my 推车...

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