Nov 6, 2011

Another stab at Troodon

Considering how long I've been trying to get a formal Troodon together, I thought it would be the ideal subject for ART Evolved's Feathered Dinosaur gallery in the new year.

I had always planned on bringing Zendin the Troodon back into Traumador's life in a big way (though this effort to rebuild the Troodon model into a Mark 7 model is once again demonstrating the death of the Tyrannosaur Chronicles... this has taken me a week so far, and its only half done. The finale of New Zealand was going to require at least half a dozen new feathered theropods... Though I'm wondering about a point form finale just to wrap up the current loose ends, and because I have some great photo plates).

So here is a half finished Troodon. Let me know your thoughts. The arms and legs have not been touched at all in this new effort.

1 comment:

Albertonykus said...

Yay Zendin! Coming along nicely I'd say.