Apr 16, 2011

The Beginning of Mark 7 Modelling!

After years of threatening to take up Vertex modelling in Carrara, I've finally summed up the courage to attack this whole new frontier of of the program. Why am I afraid? The modelling type I'm very familiar with, Spline editing, occupies a mere 35 pages of the Carrara manual, Vertex takes nearly 100 pages! I've spent many years practising with splines, to the point I think I can safely say I'm an expert. So the idea of tackling something I basically suck at, is not thrilling. However it is necessary at this stage of my artistic development.

While I'm far off mastering overall Vertexing, after a day of tinkering I've got a solid grasp on Displacement Modelling (a subset of overall Vertex modelling in Carrara). It is basically a means of painting on or off model surface. While it won't solve all my fine detail needs, it is a perfect way to add veins and flaps.

This is not a final version of of my Corythosaur. However expect something very similar in the final version.


Albertonykus said...

Such an air of realism with this one!

Traumador said...

Yeah I was quite surprised myself.

This is just the playing around version too! Now that I have a feel for the process the final copy should be quite impressive :P

optimisticpainter said...

This is looking cool Craig!
I can't click to embiggen it for a closer look though!

My advice at this point is to be careful of throwing heaps of detail on before nailing down the main structures and proportions, gets hard to go back and correct!

Weapon of Mass Imagination said...



I'm not sure why, but pictures I upload in blogger often aren't "embiggenable". It is really frustrating. As far as I can tell there is no setting that controls it or anything.

I am indeed waiting to iron out everything I can with the modeller before displacing this sucker. Once I rig my models they become vertexes which means I (really at moment) can't modify them.