Jun 4, 2008

So it begins...

After the last couple of months trying my best to get set up to teach in this country, the big day finally arrived!

I got my first call to relieve for a morning today. The skool located just outside of town was one I'd never been to before, and it was very nice. Even better I couldn't have asked for a better group of kids to start things off.

What I'm loving the most about the lifestyle thus far (yeah a whole day later LOL) is the leaving work at work. No planning, marking, or meetings but time teaching. So hopefully I get at least 3 days a week (or 5 half days), this will work out.

That having been said there are some big problems still. Getting paid has become something of an issue. It's a long complicated story not worth going into at moment, but yeah through the "brilliant" set up of the ministry of education I may not be able to collect my earnings for a while. I'm having to fight my Mal instincts at moment.

1 comment:

Peter Bond said...

Oh! I thought you just weren't working. Full stop. Not just-not-getting-payed, which is still super annoying!

So work now, get payed later?