Jun 19, 2008

Unknown Soundtrack...

I've been getting a lot more involved on flickr (check out my photostream), and a number of benefits have been coming from it. Not only am I "meeting" new cool people, but I'm finding their blogs. I WILL be updating my blog roll soon!

One of my new favourites (especially his pictures) is El Pensieve de Dinorider. However I'm currently in his debut. Not only did his blog alert me to the existence of the Prehistoric Park soundtrack, but it allowed me to get it cheap!
Traumador will probably have some uses for this soon (the DAMN museum quest is finally near its end!!!), and its nice to have some music in my current broke-ness.

1 comment:

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

Hey! Thanks for those kind words. Hope you enjoyed the music.
BTW I liked your Tyrannosaurus Chronicles too!

Those photos when you fight the theropod are really funny! Cool man!