Jun 24, 2008

I'm really starting to HATE New Zealand!

Well if you've been paying attention I haven't been talking about my current life much on here.

The reason is that a lot of factors have been in limbo, and I didn't have much to report. Sadly not much if anything has changed on that front either...

I'm still waiting for my work permit to clear.
I'm still waiting for my health results to be checked.

I'm still waiting for the ministry to education to properly enter me into their work force.

Now I don't mean to complain, but frankly I'm at my breaking point.

All of these various things were only supposed to take between 1 to 4 weeks depending on which item we're talking. For the work permit in particular I'm in the middle of week FUCKING 8, and the bloody kiwis still haven't moved off their god damn asses!

The kicker being today I was just told by NZ immigration that my permit will be ANOTHER 3-4 weeks of processing. So let's do the math on this. 4 + 8 doesn't = 3-4 weeks... I know I'm a primary teacher (I can even show you the four maths strategies you can use to solve that problem).

This whole time I'm hemorrhaging money. Not only is life costing me, but I can't work legally! I'm going to have to turn down work which is being offered to me. That's kiwi kids going without a teacher for a day mind you. All so that some government pencil pushers can justify their existence. Whilst they do that I'm pretty much broke, and sick of having to go to my parents for help (who can't and won't be keeping it up... but you can't, and I certainly don't blame them!).

The kiwis are constantly saying that their (ass backwards) country needs teachers, and they can't figure out why the hell none of their teacher trainees are not staying here.

Okay class, let's ponder this problem for moment...

Okay I'm hearing some very good answers, and most of you are something like. MAYBE IF YOU FUCKING LET TEACHERS WORK THAN THEY'D DO SO!

If they don't come through for me in another 2-3 weeks I'm going to have to leave the country for good. Let's put this in context. I not only am a trained teacher, but I'm one trained in the New Zealand system! After all this investment their system has put into me, why are they forcing me to take it elsewhere?!?

Anyways I'm done typing about this (for now). I've not only had to try and keep myself calm on this all day, but I just tucked in an indescribably upset lady-type person who is hysteric over this somewhat real threat of my having to leave for good.

So yeah I kinda irked at this country right now, and it might take it a while to get back in my good books. If at all.

It's really up to them.


Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

Don't hate New Zealand, hate those dumbass NZ immigration dudes instead!

I never expected to read something like this, I had thought this kind of problems where "patrimony" of latin americans in the U.S.

Seems like stupidity is everywhere, good luck then!

presentmoment said...

hi im an int'l student in nz. from what i heard from other int'l students, and from the accounts of 2 of my friends, nz immigration sucks. many students' visas were approved only a a few days before classes start, so some arrive in nz a day before or arrive late. they dont have time to adjust, to open an account in a bank, get the student card, etc. one of my friends, instead of getting a student visa he applied for, he got a temporary entry visa. my other friend didn't make it, because her visa was approved late even if the school already accepted her and tried to coordinate with the embassy.

i only realized when i got here that nz is deceiving, it sounds like it needs people but their attitude really sucks when you're a foreigner here. apart from the place is fuckn boring. i'd advice you to apply to australia instead. i fell in love with melbourne and wished i'd have lived there if circumstances permitted me to. i called it my 2nd home. nz is full of hoons and backward trashy cussing people. it is a mistake for u to work here. if you think it's cheap, it's not. it would be worth it to take your ventures elsewhere.

nz is not what you imagine, dont be fooled with a nice house beside a river and nice scenery. actually the small town blues and weather and wierd standoffish plastic people will drive u insane. aussies are awesome, classy, refined, helpful and open minded and i'm not an aussie myself.

Dr. Pu said...

couldn't agree with you more
not a fan of nz