Nov 22, 2006

Life According to Mal: Betrayal

Well the entire ordeal that is Tim Hortons is COMPLETELY done as of today. I cashed my big shiny 0.05% of the job (as in % of Timmies total sales while I was there), and it feels good to be done with it.

Here's the rough story. I'm leaving out names cause well frankly I'm not holding a grudge with individuals (you'll notice never in my rants of Timmies have I used names). Tim Hortons Crowchild though is another story. However don't think I'm saying don't goto Timmies. Hell I went yesterday after this LOL just not that location. Just make sure you show the workers respect. It's a shitass job!

Of course I tell the story from a delusional Firefly or Serenity version. The reason this could have been an episode of the show...

"Why can't things just for once go according to the goram plan?"
Getting my last paycheck was something of an ordeal. I did predict it to be so. Just didn't see it being so predictable stupid. Compared to Jane these guys look like an idiots (the fact they wear hats helps with that jab I guess :P ) .

I showed up at Timmies to grab my paycheck I knew I'd have to deal with at least one of the main managers. It just so happened to be the one who "fought so hard to get me my bonus back", and he's clearly going to be a dick...

He immediately asks if I've returned my uniform, which I hadn't (was going to see if I could hold on to it, and burn it oh well...), so I grabbed it from the car, and then there was a whole cofuffle about my SIN. Finally after fixing that in a mere 30 min?!? (he was very purposfully dragging his heels, and trying to waste my time... I didn't care had nothing better to do then get PAID!) He pulls this whole "I'm not giving you your check till I tell you what I think of you and your shit" WOW big words from the man... I'm real scaried now

Okay so I'll give him this right now "Man can hold a grudge." From his point of view I will say right now I did affront him bad. Problem is I don't respect his point of view at all, and think it is really funny actually. Inspiration for some future project to be sure.

He launches on about how he went out on a limb for me, and fought for my bonus. Then I just out right quit and made "everyone else work harder to cover for me"...

Uh okay. Fighting for money I HAD earned and you took away, thanks for the favour buddy! Glad to see that with Timmies pay is just a perk of the shit ass labour, but only if your good... WTF. Making everyone cover for me oh right sorry... Seems he forgot the part where I'd already QUIT!!! I sure was feeling that I needed to contribute to the teams success. I just left a few days early.

"You come over to this side I'll see to it you get your fair share of the job."

Now call me a mercenary if you must, but I pointed out to supervisor I was offered a new job. The thing that one looks for after quitting typically. It also happened to pay almost double their salary (especially minus the bonus!). It started within my last week of scheduled Timmies shifts, but frankly I wasn't going to turn it down due to "loyality" to Timmies. I wasn't "a part of their crew".
His rebuttal. "No I'd stay here anyway cause it's what's right. Your just a coward." Uh okay. I guess he's got me there. Only way I could live with myself is take that dishonor for the price of oh I don't know double pay, better hours, and personal office. Oh wait. Darn I am a coward...
Here comes my favorite part of the exchange... Poor supervisor pulls out the "you're a son of a bitch you know that. You stand here and stab me in the back." LOL. Man not only does a Mal pop into my head at that moment I say it

"Next time you stab me in the back you do it to my face!"

Now I put it as "well I'm stabbing you in the face dude. To do it in the back I'd have to not be here, and listening to this" I also managed to get another firefly line in... what can I say I was a geek having fun being a jerk "I haven't even said anything while you been saying some unkind words as to my character"

Well here's where he tries to pull a Badger on me with an attempt at superiority

"{You're} a man of honor in a den of thieves. Well this is my goram den, and I don't like the way you look down at me. I'm bigger then you, better then. Legitimate business man see. Respectable, roots in the community"

He tries somehow to shame me with "I feel sorry for the place your working at now. They've made a big mistake." Sure they probably did, but that just makes me all more proud... Suckered another poor hapless victim and getting twice as much for it LOL. Not that I ever did a bad job for supervisor WHILE I was working at Timmies... I think he missed the point of "I QUIT" again

Then he releases his big bomb. What a clever little 22 year old he is. He definitely learned a lot being the captain of the football team (he still wears the jacket...). "You know when you said you didn't want to drop the "over qualified" for this job when we talked. Well I think your "underqualified" for this job fucker!"...

Wow with this one had supervisor put me in my place? Taking my statement of insult about timmies being beneath me, and suddenly turning it cleverly into an insult about it being above me!!!

Well I was surprised by my reply. I'm not one for confrontations as many know. This whole Timmies ordeal has probably been the most in anyones face I've ever been. That line with it's absolute stupidity, "your underqualified" wow good one! I've had 8 year olds insult me better (seriously)...

I laughed in his face. More of an evil cackle. It was just natural. Not planned, and not one of my acted drama ones. A really condescending one. In my head I was a little stunned. Supervisor sure was too... Till this point I'd been just standing there passive aggresively taking his insults with little retort.

"I'm here to talk about this like civilized men. I'm unarmed..."


Well with the laugh I turned into more of a Mal then I thought I could... Typically I'm more the Wash type. Supervisor tries to regain the ground... He realizes that I haven't been silent due to shame more just waiting him out. "I'm glad that your leaving..." he starts, but I interrupt him.

"No they'll never see this coming"

At this point I notice the whole confrontation has resulted in our body positions shifting away from the check on the counter. I snag it. He is even more baffled stopping in the middle of his wanting me to go. "Well that's great {supervisor's name} cause now you won't have to see me again." I wave the check in the air. Just to be an ass "Though if you have anything more to get off your chest I've got a few more minutes to kill..."

"No I've got work to do." again all I have to say is WOW. That sure turned the tables.

Now I did feel bad about the whole affair in a way, but only a way. It summarized the whole Tim Hortons franchise. This supervisor did play a big part in getting my money. I'm sure he felt hurt. The problem is he missed the point. Just like his fellow managers. There is a verse beyond Timmies... "Where's it written we have to lay down our lives for her?!?"

This supervisor was the son of the owner, and as of such was in an odd position.He wanted to do the right thing. He just is so brainwashed by Timmies he couldn't see the difference between the business and personal ends of this affair. I do appreciate he's efforts. At the same time I'm not feeling bad for getting on with my life, and more to the point screwing them back a bit.

I've never been this stressed by work in my life. Earl's is a utopia compared to this place.

The moral of this according to Mal you leave Badger's den, and find work on the border worlds... and in the end...

"I did the job and I get paid!"

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