Nov 6, 2006

Best Looking Movie in a While...

So checked out IMDB today on a quick look for possible new soundtracks (cause nothing good AND new has come out in 4 months!). No luck looking for new music (for now).

An accidental discovery that looks sweet was the trailer for Night At the Museum. I'd heard about this movie a little while ago, and it sounds like a movie I'd make... Won't rant about how in fact I was going to (stupid lack of money!)

Check out the Trailer (click the link I've provided above in the post). Best thing in it is going to be the living T-Rex skeleton!

About time a movie FINALLY is coming out that I want to see!

1 comment:

Kirstin said...

Marilyn made a bunch of casts for the movie! Not the T rex, that was someone else. Apparently it is missing a few ribs and is not anatomically correct...AHHHHHHH!