Nov 14, 2006


Well today has been quite the shocker!

Logging in to my blog today I made a extremely alarming discovery. My old acquaintance (some of my friends would even say adopted son. An accusation to which I take great insult!) Traumador the Tyrannosaur has somehow hacked my blog, and incorporated it into his own profile!

When I emailed him about this he said it had something to do with his new special talent agent Peter Bond telling him to get as much publicity as he could. So the stupid little Dinosaur thought that hacking my blog and getting his name all over it was just the means to do this!

If I didn't have to goto work today I'd track him down, and get him for this. After all the stuff I've been doing for him too. Lesson being if you goto the bother of raising a peanut sized-brained dolt from hatchling don't send him off into the world where he can be influenced by gods know who.

So this looks like it is the new permenant state of the Insanity for now. Hopefully that's all the deranged little T-Rex does. He now techincally has administrative capacity on this site so I'm naturally a little worried about what he might do.

1 comment:

Traumador said...

sorry about that craig...

but hey now we can stay better in touch!!!

did you know i've travelled back to the BCs!!!

i've taken the liberty of adding a few links to your blog for my blog. so be sure to check it out everyone!