Nov 28, 2006

"Swamped" at Work!

Today marked a first at work. I had to actually work!

Both me and my bosses (I have two of them) were discussing how I wasn't doing anything in my current scheduling. I volunteered to come in earlier for work as that was when it seemed all the guests were coming. My bosses weren't entirely certain, but asked for me to try it this week. The results:

I had a total of 2 guests come in. That's right 2 of them came in TODAY! That is exactly the same as my total guests perviously greeted!

So it is official that I now start and end work an hour early everyday now.

Other then that it was a pretty eventful day. Though the temp dropped really hard this weekend, and it is about -25 (-40 today when you factored in the windchill). One of my bosses car won't start when we got off. So I helped him out by boosting his car.

So all in all my most crazy day at work... If it keeps up at this rate I may not last :P

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California Will said...

-40 with the windchill, eh? Boy am I glad that I live in southern California! It's cold here (about 15C)but I'm sure that I'll manage.
Incidently, I've read "Dinosaur Dealers" but found it less informative than a day at the Tucson show itself.