Jul 19, 2011

Palaeo Environment Project resumed...

Today has been a productive day, despite only getting an hour in on 3D stuff.

I got to meet up with Matt Van Rooijen of Optimistic Painter for a lunch in downtown Hobart. He is an incredibly nice guy, and we talked about all things art and palaeo. Making this even more appreciated was the fact that poor Matt has a very full plate at work. So cheers Matt!

As for my plant, here it is with nice new base. You'll also notice the nice new littered forest floor texture too.

So get over my gigs falling through funk I've decided to go all out on the Palaeo-Environment project once more...


davidmaas said...

Good on ya!
Now... get some damned ambient or bounce light in there!

Traumador said...

Thanks for the advice David!

LOL everyone is getting on my case about lighting this week (no ill will intended with this statement... just a funny fact). This is the 5th call out on my lack of lighting in less than 3 days!

In my defense this is just a model test. I'm not presenting this as a final.

However once I get together enough plants to whip up a rough scene I will do an intensive lighting study. Thus letting you guys truly pick apart my lighting!

I haven't gotten many pieces to the point where I'm happy enough to worry about lighting. Though after a lunchtime discussion with Matt today, he has me convinced some of my modelling and texturing woes might be covered up by better lighting.

Anonymous said...

It was great to catch up with you too Craig!
LOL! Covered up modeling?
It's more about presenting your models and textures in the best possible light... pun intended.

Think of it this way. Set up a lighting rig that works, then import it whenever you're presenting your work.
Do the job once then reap the benefits.

Anonymous said...

..and of course forgot to say, the texturing and modeling on the plant and the ground work really nicely.