Jul 18, 2011

New Life Springing Forth

Just tackling random models under the common topic of Cretaceous Alberta seems to be lifting my artistic depression. I have a fairly solid book premise in mind, and rather than worry about getting gigs from the outside I'm thinking about taking charge of my own palaeo-art destiny!

This new project was trying to build a plant on my own without the assist of the Carrara's inbuilt plant generator. The results while promising, do indicate I'll need to approach most plants with a mixed approach. Using the generator to do some of the more tedious base work, and then my own modelling to notch it up.

Looking at the long shot I am pleased. However the leaves texturing is lost...

As in this close up (hopefully you can click to enlargen the images) you can see how much work I put into that shader...

Onward and upwards.

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