Jul 15, 2011

I'm starting to hate Adobe Flash!

After reading and playing with the lessons in my Adobe Flash book, I am discovering the program is completely inflexible and impractical for anything I want to try outside of the controlled elements of these tutorials.

Seriously? Is it this platform actually this useless that I can't use imported graphics from other programs?

Admittedly my other programs are not Adobe ones as I can't afford Creative Suite, but I'm using their formats. Still nothing.

My other major frustration is that between the documentation of my book and the Help files there are serious gaps in how to do things.

Does anyone know where and how one accesses the "HUD"?!? It is the key to "optimizing" an imported Bitmap, and I can't find the HUD nor successfully optimize any graphics...


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davidmaas said...

Why hate Adobe Flash, when you can hate Adobe directly?

Haven't use it ina long time, but if I recall correctly you should be able to import imagery from wherever (including sequences) and the optimization can be done at the end. At least back when I was using it, the optimization was optional, and I preferred to manually optimize the jpgs, pngs.

Not sure what's up - can't say anything more specific from the description.