Jan 22, 2010

Tasmania Part 4: Best Alarm Clock Ever

A bit of a departure in my Tasmania series of posts. This one is short, and covers events of about an hour and a bit ago (I'd have done it sooner, but had to drive Papa R into work and wake up Lady R). So enjoy it. This is likely you're only live from Tasmania post ;)

The final verdict on the potentially bad news we were waiting on came in yesterday. While not a happy ending, it has certainly turned out to be a lot "better" than most of the possible alternatives. So everyone has relaxed quite a bit now that the wait is over (it was a lot worse just not knowing) and are in way better spirits these last 24 hours.

As though nature were in on celebration, the household received a rather welcome wake up call (well okay, maybe welcome by just me).

I awoke (a mere 10 minutes before my alarm clock was going to go off!) to the laughing chorus of several Kookaburras. Running to my window I was greeted by a whole family sitting on the telephone wires directly in front of the house.

As their highly energetic and territorial birds they didn't hold still for long, and proceeded to fly down the street.

I was able to pursue them a couple of blocks, and catch two of them in a rather low tree (that they let me approach them in... I'd had another similar situation butt they flew away from me the instant I showed up). So I finally got a really nice Kookaburra shot in Tasmania!
That's this post. I did warn you it'd be short. More to come soon. I just have to panorama the photos (which is getting to be quite the daunting task... I have SO many panoramas in need of stitching!).
So stay tuned...


Albertonykus said...

Kookaburras were some of my favorite birds when I was younger. Unfortunately I've never experienced their alleged morning alarm clock skills firsthand. (Like I noted before, I've never been to the southern hemisphere, let alone Tasmania.)

And it's good to know the potentially bad situation turned out better than anticipated.

Anonymous said...