Jan 12, 2010

Tasmania Part 1: Mount Field (Part A)

Time for a long overdue Tasmania post.

First for any who have wondered (and a few of you have), Tasmania is the southern most state of Australia. A self contained isolated island. As it has been cut off for a very long time it is unique to the mainland and has many unique plants, animals, and environments. Also as it is closer to the Antarctic, and being a much smaller landmass completely surrounded by water, it is a lot cooler and wet then stereotypical Australia (which is really the Northwest of the continent, where next to no one lives).

I'm going to end the fun facts about Tasmania for this post. Each post I do, I'll include a few more fun facts. At least you should have a general idea of where I am.

These posts aren't in chronological order, as I wasn't organized in how I've tackled my photos. My regular readers know I have a slight addiction to taking panorama photos, and as of such I have to go through and process them. With my new camera's bigger pic size this takes longer. The results are stunning, but of course at this time cost.

So we cover the first part of my second big field trip into Tassie, up on Mount Field. As this is just part A of Mount Field, I'll leave the local geography to next post. Bonus points to anyone who looks it up on their own.

I'll let the photos tell the story on their own.

So expect more Tasmania in the coming days.


Nima said...

Amazing pics Craig! I've always wanted to see Tasmania, and these images look like exactly the sort of place I'd expect Late Jurassic dinosaurs to have inhabited. I wonder why Walking with Dinosaurs wasn't filmed there, it would have looked much better... I don't see too many modern angiosperms and there's no grass, so the setting is spot on.

davidmaas said...

Incredible sets.

davidmaas said...

I wonder why the forest floor is so bare in that one photo, whereas it is otherwise strewn about with organic debris.

Albertonykus said...

Nice photos! I was once pretty close to visiting Tasmania (and therefore the Southern Hemisphere) but didn't due to complications.

Weapon of Mass Imagination said...

Nima- If you get the chance you won't be disappointed!

Fun fact, they filmed some of Walking with Dinosaurs here. Just not the "here" in these photographs.

We went to Mount Field as it was closer to where I'm staying. Cradle Mountain further north was a site from Walking with. That I really wanted to check out. Alas it is too far away :(

David- Yeah I love forests, and collect as many as I can in photographic form. Especially as you point out they make good backplate sets.

These shots come from a 5 or 6 km stretch from the top of Mount Field, so you're seeing random shots of nearly every micro environment of the alpine in this post.

Albertonykus- hopefully you avoid complications next time... it is worth coming down for!