Jan 16, 2010

Tasmania Part 2: Mount Field (Part B)

The Clan oh R has been hit by some pretty heavy news this weekend, so my blog posts may not be as fun as I'd been planning. I don't have the time for them. However I can give you a slide show of my journeys.

So time to finish up on my trip to Mount Field. To start off with, here is where Mount Field national park is located. As the name implies the park is set up around Mount Field which is part of the Wellington Mountain range. The park includes a nice visitor centre at the entrance, and from there you drive up the Mount with trails and walkways through all the environments of the area.

As you'll see this includes Alpine, Rainforests, and Temperate forest. You've already seen some of the temperate forest in the first post.

Here's the rest of Mount Field national park...

Here is the Alpine

The very top of the easily accessible Alpine area

Last of the Alpine

Halfway down the mountain you get a pass into a nice bit of rainforest. Among them some of the tallest trees in Tasmania. You'll note the Lady and Papa R at the bottom for scale (though these tall tree Panoramas never seem to work very well).

This is a specimen of Eucalyptus regnans the tallest flowering plant in the world. I got to see quite a few of them here (and later on in another park).

Last of the forest up the Mountain.

Then just out behind the visitor centre about a km was Russell falls.

Which held its own against NZ's many many waterfalls (though after being down here so long, sadly waterfalls have lost a little bit of their edge with me... but I still do love them!)

This ended up being one of my favourite forest shots ever, and so I end with it (it was taken about 3 minutes from the falls).
So more Tasmania to come. Not quite sure when. I'm putting these up as fast as I can Panorama my photos. The only issue with having acquired panorama software is I take all my photos for it :) Also it depends on how the Family R situation plays out.


Albertonykus said...

The last one is really a great photo! I could imagine a dinosaur taking a drink there.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled across your blog. What wonderful photos! Added to my reading list :o)