Jun 14, 2009

Goal Update

Well I know I vowed in my last post on my goals to try and get the CG work done (and thus the post) for Traum's RAPTOR ATTACK!!! done by today...
Of course I didn't, but I gave it my best, and I have a good excuse.
I had banked on 3 days to do 13 pics. However my first day ended up getting completely eaten up by an immigration crisis, and having to lead a plumber around the house to fix various parts of our house (who knew a knowledge of pool pumps would be so helpful to a professional plumber?).
So I only had 2 days. With that I did manage to crank out 11 (9 of them good in my opinion) CG pics, which without boast is seriously legendary! You try it some time if you don't believe me...
Sadly though that is 2 short of making it to the finish line. However the post will be up within 2 days, so watch for it!
I'd give you a sample, but it'd give away too much. So here is the last photo of the post for you to compare to when I have finished adding CG Dinos too.
Hope it doesn't give too much away :P

1 comment:

Raptor Lewis said...

Uh....I don't think you have to worry about spoiling anything with that last picture.

BTW- The Post turned ou GREAT anyway! Give youself more credit than that! You are TERRIFIC!!