Jun 21, 2009

ART Evolved Progress

Not to alarm anyone, but the next ART Evolved gallery, Pterosaurs is fast approaching... so be sure to get your piece started and in by July 1st!

In line with that sentiment I spent the morning today sorting out my Pterosaur's final colour scheme. This is what I ended up on. It's not my best, but certainly not the worst either.

What do people think? Is this a passable early Jurassic sea going Pterosaur?

The next step is to finish up the details on the model. Eyes, teeth, tongue, and fingers.

Then onto what I fear will be a very difficult and complex posing rig. The wing membranes are bound to be a conceptual nightmare!

I'll be making a bigger deal of it once the piece is done, but the background picture for this piece is a HUGE in joke. Can you spot why it is ironic I'd put a fleshed out Pterosaur in this photo?


Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

I liked the concept but I'd prefer letting the experts speak on accuracy stuff.

The background looks cool, I'd leave it that way.

Nima said...

Let me guess - the in-joke is that the background shows a dead pterosaur in the water?

It looks like the Ornithocheirus from Walking with Dinosaurs.

Nice colors, good background too.... Don't really agree with the wing configuration 100%, but I suppose there won't be a universal consensus on that anytime soon.

I think the gunmetal gray scheme works really well with this type. (lol we've all seen way too many brown pterosaurs)...

Weapon of Mass Imagination said...

Dinorider- Thanks.

Though I'm finding the term expert is becoming hard to define with Pterosaurs on restorations over at ART Evolved LOL

Nima- For the in joke, you're definately on the right track. Though it is not quite as "extreme" as a fossil pterosaur. You can definately see two of the irony causing things in the photo (and a 3rd is there IF you're looking really hard, but 2 are easy to see).

As for the wings I went for a comprimise configuration in the end. I hope you understand, and don't take it personally. It was also easier to model it with the wing slightly on the leg.

I like the gun metal too. Like everything I do it seems, this was by accident (but I think a lot of great art isn't intentional). I was aiming for more of a seagull white and black. However one of the gradient patterns I applied spread on the wing like that, and it resembled a Dusky Dolphin (one of my fav animals) so much I had to keep it that way... unless ppl hated it.

I agree. I suspect a LOT of brown Pterosaurs will be entered... whose to blame I wonder? For once NOT Charles Knight. He didn't really do Pterosaurs (for some reason)... but someone got that idea going in the old days, and its still here. Interesting mini research project I guess.