Aug 16, 2012

My New Art Logo

Well I'm truly an official artist now. I've just sold my first works to two clients (one museum and one fan). All I have to say is it is nice to have money to buy Heroclixs with that the wife can't complain about :P

An incidental idea presented itself as I was using Paypal. There is space provided for you to upload a logo. At the time I didn't have one, but now I might just have something to throw in there in the future.

My new art logo
Here is my new art logo. What do you think?
My new art logo
Here it is with writing. My only complaint is I can't for the life of me figure out to flip the web address in Corel Paintshop when wrapping it to the circle.

By myself (Craig Dylke)
Test with a recent piece to demonstrate the new logo
I'm thinking about using it as my watermark as well.

So does this work. Does it look semi-pro? Granted remember I'm not quiting my day job. I'm just a part time palaeo-artist still (I can't even go THAT crazy on the Heroclix :P)

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