Aug 22, 2012

10 years ago...

This whole growing up thing is weird. Time seems to just pass by silently, and events that felt recent suddenly were a decade ago.
One such event occurred roughly 10 years to this day. While it in some ways is a very silly thing for me to reflect on, it has been a constant flavour of, what I consider, my adult life.
It was the closing of the 2001 summer camp season, and I was wrapping up my third summer at Kamp Kiwanis my first long term job. What I didn't realize at the time was this would be my last summer at Kiwanis, while simultaneous the teaching program I got into would not pan out for another seven years.
However on this day, while finishing packing up my cabin two of my best friends of the era (one is still to this day) came to help and give me company. They brought with them a new game acquisition. One that would become an addiction for the next five times two years.
Having rehooked me on comic books some six months earlier, this new game would be far more dangerous than my old game of choice the Star Trek card game. The superhero miniatures game Heroclix.
Given that the game is celebrating its tenth year I thought I might do a few top ten posts about the game.
I promise to resume "normal" blog functions here shortly. Whatever normal is on this blog anyways :P

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