May 10, 2012

Pop Culture Setting

So after my fairly epic amount oceanic art for the Dan Varner tribute gallery, I wanted to follow up with something kind of light and fun for the Pop Culture sequel gallery.

I'm thinking about Dinosaur superheroes, but wanted to get the locality down before doing much else.

Behold the beginnings of Fossilopolis thriving beacon of Saurian civilization. Always in constant threat of extinction...

I have no overall design concept other than buildings in the style of geologic formations that are otherwise different and non stereotypical. At moment the only thing I'm basing my designs are brick textures from some VERY Chinese buildings. They are producing interesting results so far.


Here are those same structures without the metal work.

This was the start I originally had. Of course this was the stereotypical approach, and I quickly decided I wanted to avoid this.

Unless people think the geologic formation buildings made of stone looks cooler. I'm currently in favour of my odd Chinese brick approach...

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