Jan 30, 2012

More Transformer Ripoffs!

I have just returned from a weekend trip to China, and boy what a productive trip when it came to discovering Transformer knock offs! So get ready for a whole bunch more already...

Your first taste of it are these oddly themed battle robots (pun intended with the use of taste). These are apparently from a legitimate Chinese cartoon series. Everything else in this particular high end toy store were authentic (especially the many Transformer toys sadly), so I'll left to conclude these must be from something real and popular.

First up is the Fruit Combo Defender (though it really should have been the Fruit Salad Defender ;P)

My arch nemesis the Pineapple Slasher (I'm allergic to Pineapple)

The Mandarine Beserker

Apple Twin Guns

and Turbo Grape...

So pop in hopefully tomorrowish for a whole bunch more proper true Transformer counterfeits. A few are hilarious in totally brand new ways!

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