Jan 12, 2012

Flip Flop

Managed to get in some more tinkering this week, and my feathered Dinosaur piece is nearly at the point of completion. There certainly are some teaks to be made, but overall I'm getting quite happy with the piece.

As I've got the majority of the difficult terrain and environmental work done I'm thinking about a second set of feathered theropods. I am aiming for a more simply colour scheme on them (which will reduce the number of feather replicators needed). I'm thinking Hesperonychus, but any other suggestions for Dinosaur Park era critters who'd scavenge from a Ceratopsian corpse are welcome.

Here is the piece, and apart from some branches and bigger twigs I feel this one could go up as it (with a bit more picture in frame in front of the Troodon).

Just to test the composition I mirrored it, and found I actually perfer it this way.

Thoughts or comments?


davidmaas said...

Squint your eyes.
Does a clear, interesting composition emerge?

Anonymous said...

What he said... time to find a way to push your background into the er.. background!

Saying that Craig, things are on the improve overall.