Jul 14, 2010

Goals 2010

Time to set out roughly what I intend to do over the next year or so.

I'm going with a slightly different layout this year. This time project by project, and covering all their goals at once (last time I went with a temporal organization of the goals)

Traumador Goals

Short Term:
  • Finish the winter OH-lympics before the end of summer!!! They had seemed easy enough to do when I started them during the actual Olympics, but they have turned out to be much more time consuming than I'd anticipated (that and my life hasn't exactly been ideal for anything fun or creative lately).

  • Finish the Chronicles site upgrades I started in the new year. This includes the sidebar revamp, site orientation pages, and new background designs and variants. I intend on spending a good month doing this project, and posting minimally during this time (like it will be a big difference from now *sigh*)

  • Finally get Traum into the NZ adventures I've been stockpiling for 3 years now! No later than the fall...

  • Script out all of Traum's future adventures in Canada, and take the photos this August when Bond is in town.

To help me achieve all these goals, after the OH-lympics, I will not start posting an adventure until I have all the special effects for it done. Which will admittedly lead to a boom bust dynamic of Traum posts, but I think it might cut down on time lose of me stalling mid story as I scramble to put together the pictures.

Long Term:

  • Continue with my top secret palaeontologist project. I currently have 1 in "the can", and 2 more signed up. However I need to make those appointments happen, and would love to arrange way more.

  • Convert my old Bird-Dinosaur link DVD to an Internet compatible format and finally get it on the web.

  • Film a bunch of new palaeo-fact videos... Sort of short term, as I have 5 planned for me and Bond's return tour of the Tyrrell.
ART Evolved Goals

Short Term:

  • Do a summary of Pop Culture genres.

  • Complete a series of Pop Culture pictures for the summer gallery.

Long Term:

  • Getting on those Palaeo-artist interviews I arranged back in spring. (Stupid current life stuff).
Delta Patrol Goals

Short Term:

  • In the fall aim to get all the laser fire effects done.

Long Term:

  • Finish the modelling by next goal session

  • Complete the movie by 2013 (PIP's 10th anniversary)


Albertonykus said...

I hope your new strategy will keep Traum's adventures from continuing to be dragged out a really long time! The paleo fact videos and pop culture galley sound very interesting, too.

Glendon Mellow said...

It's going to be an intense 6 months, Craig!

I often do the same. Writing it down makes a difference.