Sep 16, 2008

The Ball

Yeah well its nearly two months since this event happened, but I thought I'd throw up the pics from it finally.
So at the end of July the hall held its annual Ball. For those of you who don't remember last year's was where me and Rhonwyn first met. So this occasion had a bit of significance. Even if it didn't coincide with our one year anniversary at all (last year's was in May as opposed to this year's in late July).

One of the few pictures of me in my rented suit (on my camera anyways). It was an India style suit, and I have to say when I get around to buying a new suit it'll be one like this. I very much liked it.

The lovely ladies Rhonwyn, Clare, and Amber.

Of course the loveliest of all was of course this little lady... though I should go and photoshop out the red eye. Just too much on the go these days.

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Clare said...

please remove and destroy that photo of me!