Aug 30, 2008

Preview of Drum to Come

So been on a vacation in Drumheller for a week now. Sadly my trip ends in less than 36 hours. In fact functionally I've got just over 24 hours to go.

Due to a number of factors I'm only giving you a taste of whats gone on up here. I will be posting a lot more soon. PROMISE!

Among the most key is catching up with the peoples that made my life here in Drumheller so memorable. As of today I've managed some quality time with everyone I sought out (though maybe not the amount of time I'd have liked)

Discoveries everywhere. Though to be honest the best weren't mine, but I was along for the ride at least.

Some very unexpected adventures. This photo was taken from one. Bet you can't guess where it was taken from ;p

And of course Traumador had a TON of adventures up here. Of which this picture doesn't even come close to conveying. Seriously some of the best Traum photos and adventures ever will be coming from this Drum expedition.

Plus find out my current obsession. All coming soon once I return home, and nothing more adventure wise is occurring.

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