Nov 19, 2007

Cartoon RAGE!

So having a bit of free time this weekend to just let my brain re materialize I poked around on youtube.

Here I made a awful discovery.
As many probably know I'm a HUGE fan of Bruce Timm's animated DC comics cartoons. My movie folder is half full of the complete series of Batman, Superman, Batman Beyond, and Justice League. They are the best depictions of superheroes in any medium in my opinion.
It was a great loss 2 years ago when they cancelled Justice League after 4 amazing seasons (the 3rd be a particular highlight). Leading up to that cancellation a new breed of DC cartoon had been creeping in, and contaminating my beloved Timm series.

In particular "The Batman". Done in blatant anime rip-off style with inferior writing, voice castings, and concepts. Timm's series had something for both kids and adults (I still remember watching his Batman in elementary and loving it). This new breed of DC cartoon is watered down into the kid only zone, and frankly this is a poor move. Kids today recognize this difference and aren't likely to stick with the franchise long term like I and others have with the Timm stuff.

This pains me as instead of giving priority to the long running and still very successful Timm line of cartoons, slowly but steadily these new anime knock offs eroded the Timm series to the point that the network cancelled the Timm line.
Now with the Justice League and Superman off the air for a couple years, this is what we get!!! "The" Batman struggling for ideas (curiously very similarly to Smallville) has had to resort to making their Batman's show into a blatant rip off of Timm's Justice League. With unoriginal watchtower design and everything!

As if that weren't enough this upcoming season their introducing "The" Superman on "The Batman". Due to the inabilities of the writers' of "The" they're trying a new desperation tactic. Rather than mess it up on their own they'd rather leech off Timm's stuff and cast the exact same voice actors for Superman and Lois Lane that Timm had!?!?!

I sit here and wonder in my head why did we have to lose the Timm shows if "The" was just going to rehash them? Rehash them badly!

Now of course I know why my thoughts are silly and invein, in show biz new and shiny is always better than tried tested and true (though new and shiny tends to be exactly the same anyway). It cheeses me off is all!

What next "The Firefly" or "The Star Trek"... oh wait. "The Star Trek" comes out a year from now.

I think I'll just go cry myself to sleep with a Justice League episode playing in the background.


Anonymous said...

Everyone is always complaining about The Batman. If the show was done by Marvel, and called Ultimate Batman, everybody would love it. It's a new take on great characters, and it's a really good show.

Prehistoric Insanity said...

Well first off if everyone is complaining about it, than there might just be something wrong with it.

Immediately I point out Marvel doesn't make good animated shows (X-Men Evolution being the only thing close to an exception). So if Marvel did this it would be just as crappy.

Second great characters are only made so by GREAT writing. THE Batman does not have great writing.

I read the Ultimates. The reason, it has great writing making otherwise stupid Marvel characters good.

In the comics I'd love for them to do a good Ultimate Batman style book. I really would. Again with good writing comes great character not that other way round.

As for an "Ultimate" cartoon, we don't need it! We had the best version of comicbook characters EVER animated or otherwise!!! The Bruce Timm animated series.

Don't believe me. Than why did THE Batman need to steal all the Timm voice actors and concepts to keep their stupid show afloat?