Aug 26, 2007

This Week In Review

Nothing to earth shattering going on in life at moment.

I'm a week away from control take 2. As of such I'm not going to take too much time on this post, but trying to get back in the blogging habit.

A number of random interesting things did happen this week. Some for good others for bad...

Quiz Night

The local neighborhood (which my current school is located in as well) held a fund raiser for a boy in my school who is in need of some medical stuff. It was in the form of a trivia quiz night. Entering a team of a mere four (smallest team present) international students (emphasis on there being NO kiwis on this team) we took second out of 20 teams. I wish I could claim credit, but in all honesty the main credit go to my co-teamers. I did however know that a Honey Bee needs to hit 2 million flowers to make a kg of honey!
Spring Arrives (for good we hope!)
A streak of nice weather hit this week that has been a nice morale booster, but not ideally timed for school planning. Well I sit here working on this post, and my school plans the sun shines warm and bright for the second day in a row... BOO!

I did manage to manage to get outside yesterday, and enjoy the weather. While in the park I managed to spot for the first time since April some of my fav inhabitants of the garden. Little New Zealand skinks.

Their very shy and even more fast! Yet I was able to snap these 2 along with 3 others of these typically elusive lizards.

A Departure

It can't all be good and fun stuff I'm afraid. Mid week a bomb shell was dropped on us in the senior wing of the hall. One of our key note residents informed us only 2 days before hand of his impending disappearance.

As of Friday night Dr. Peter left the hall and New Zealand forever to seek his fortune in Hong Kong. He will be missed. Despite the last minuteness of our learning of his leaving (a secret of his own design it should be noted) we were able to throw him a going away dinner.

So that's the last little while of my life in brief.

Now back to "wonderful wonderful" planning and homework... Groan

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