Apr 3, 2007

Tech Week

Back to lectures and the college after two weeks. Since I found this huge cash trove of Bruce Timm artwork, and really liked the theme thing from my placement I'll carry it over to this entry.

This week in class we became MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE... In the form of technology.

"Hello I am Craig, Prince of Calgary, and Defender of the secrets of the Grey Curriculum. One day magical powers were given to me when I held aloft my notebook and said "By the power of Technology Curriculum!" I became HE-STUDENT the most powerful Teacher in the universe!!!"

Okay so that's about as far as I can got with this theme. I transformed and beat up all the lame challenges with the power of reuse stock footage, and Orcoo was annoying. End of the He-Man theme

What Is Technology?

Good question! Technology in New Zealand is considered any area or practise that people use to make living easier. That means in other words NOT just computers. It includes foods, construction, information, shipping, and basically anything under the sun that people do in real life.

That means that my He-Man Stilt Stalker could indeed be considered technology!

Dropping the HE-Man theme for a moment (cause I realize it is SUCH a great and suspenseful theme) I LOVED technology

Masters of Technology

Apart from foods I'm a VERY capable technologist it turns out. Maybe not the best at wood work, but I can hold my own. When it came to graphics, photos, and puters though it was nice and simple going.

For our make a digital picture book project Scott and myself decided to help out a good friend of mine with a book of his own...

Traumador Ruins This Entries Weak Theme

My roommate of the last little while seeing Scott and my's story has been bugging me and bugging me to help him make a similar product. With technology class I was finally able to do so, and thus end the whining.

I won't spoil the surprise of Traum's efforts by telling you about them. I know that he plans on putting them up on his own blog. So be sure to keep checking it to see when he posts it (at this moment he has not caught his blog up to this point in his life, but I'm sure he'll get there).

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