Apr 8, 2007

Need to Post I Know!

UPDATE: The contents of this message are now invalid. I HAVE caught my blog up to date. So check below this to find two new entries from when this was written. I'm just keeping this for my own nostalgia sake

Yes I know I haven't posted in over 2 weeks. I have been meaning to do so I assure you. However my blog is among the easiest things to put off till later unfortunately. Other then homework anyway (just kidding just kidding. If not for homework I'd actually get to this a lot more).

Placement went well with only one snag. The last week of lectures was incredibly fun as it was technology. Now I'm on break, and HAVE just learned of my travel plans, and must go pack as I leave in about an hour!

Upon my return sometime around April. 12th I will update you on the events of the last 3ish weeks I promise.

In my defense I have had a LOT of school work and stuff on the go, a slight semblance of a social life, and must distracting of all a new roommate!

That's right Traumador is STILL here in my room! If you're needing something blogwise to read I know he's had slightly more time then me lately for such things. Be sure to check out his blog in the meantime...

I promise I'll catch up on my life here in virtual form soon. So tune in later. In the meantime I'm off to enjoy a break from computers, and schedules, and most importantly Dunedin (this marks my first time REALLY leaving town!).

Till then...

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