Jul 10, 2012

A Guardians of the Galaxy Movie?!?

In one of those weird sort of moments, while reflecting on my favourite comic properties (I was coming to the conclusion most of my tastes beyond Batman and the Hulk were very obscure characters and parts of the Marvel and DC universes) one of my all time favourites has just been slated for development into a live action motion picture...

These heroes and their book would be Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

Cover art by (I believe) Clint Langley
Property of Marvel Comics
Used without permission
They are not a set of characters I would have guessed getting a movie in a million years. Yet it is looking real. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. If I like them they must be good :P

Seriously I see them as working well in a film if developed right. I'm not sure if they'd work or should be mixed with the current running Marvel film franchise, but with the reveal of Thanos they could be made to work... I guess.

The point of this post in a round about way is to get it on the record early I liked Guardians before they were mainstream cool :P

So long as the film is loyal to Starlord (a must!), Rocket Raccoon, and Groot all pictured above with Moondragon (who I couldn't care less if she was in the movie or not) than it should be good. Add in Cosmo the telepathic Russian Cosmonaut dog and I'll be very happy indeed.

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