Jun 10, 2012

Almost the coolest toystore ever!

I want to try and keep posting weird Hong Kongness. A lack of time, and the scary realization I'm normalizing to the weird are the many problems. That's right, where before I'd find something amazing or funny every five minutes, now I only see something truly weird once a day tops...  Not because it isn't there. No I'm just getting apathetic and blind due to constant exposure.

That said if I notice it now, than it has to be really good and funny.

I bring you this Dinosaur construct in a local Toys R Us. I love the concept of a giant balsa wood Dino skeleton kit in a toy store. When I was a kid I had every single balsa Dinosaur that was available my display selves... I kind of miss them actually.

So while I love the concept of this fellow, there is something really wrong with him. I'm sure you can spot it :P


Marko Bosscher said...

Pronated hands? Also the skull appears to have been mounted upside-down.

hot blooded artist said...

we make great big dino skeletons out of polyvinyl but the principle is the same lol

hot blooded artist said...

www.artbyvalerio.com for cool palaeo-art

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

loved that dino skeleton! lol