Aug 28, 2011

The New Status Quo

So I've been having a very interesting last few days.

My hunt for employment had not been going particularly well (thanks in no small part to the American Republican party using the world economies recovery as their play thing!).

The one hope we'd been riding on, was an incredibly lengthy and draw out application for a real teaching position in Hong Kong I started in March. It never panned out. Leaving us without options.

Literally on the day we were starting to give up hope, one of R's contact's in Hong Kong suddenly made a public appeal to any teachers out there who wanted to teach in Hong Kong that there was a sudden job opening at their skool...

So a short story long, I sent my resume off Weds night. Was contacted Friday night, and offered the job. I now leave for Hong Kong tomorrow (Monday Aussie time), and start teaching Thursday.

Why couldn't all job applications work like this?

So I'm moving to Hong Kong, where we'll be for two years at least.

This shouldn't interrupt my online presence too much in the long run. Sadly in the short term I suspect I will be a no show for a week or so. Who knows. Just warning everyone in case you need to contact me.

Expect some posts of the new adventures in Hong Kong (and who knows this might just be enough to reboot start Traum... though I still have a backlog of his finale in NZ)


Peter Bond said...

Safe travels my friend! (Think hard about Tram before rebooting!)

Albertonykus said...

Major congratulations! (And although I don't want to get my hopes up too high, the potential return of Traumador does sound tantalizing.)

davidmaas said...


Trish said...

Congratulations and good luck!

Glendon Mellow said...

All the best to you both!

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

Breathe deep!
seek peace!

Good journey my friend!

Weapon of Mass Imagination said...

Thanks everyone!

In good news we made it safe and sound. I have jumped into teaching with a vengence.

Just need to find a place to live (outside the current hotel)... and get back on the net properly

Raptor Lewis said...

Safe travels and congrats on the employment opportunity! Looking forward to Traum's new adventures as well (and your's as well as Hong Kong has long been a dream vacation destination for me since I was a kid)