Feb 19, 2011

My new Mark 6 3D modelling technique

Managed to put in a day's work on a Terror Bird for the upcoming ART Evolved gallery.

While the model itself isn't my best work, you may note the nice new feathers. Despite these giving me a few slight issues, they are no where near as infuriating as they were two years ago!

I have developed a rather nice, simple, but yet devastatingly efficient way of feathering a critter without MOST of the fuss (other than orienting the feathers on the model).
Which means I've stumbled upon the next Mark in my 3D construction techniques. Ta-da we have Mark 6!
Meaning I have to upgrade all my previous feathering rigs (which is fine. I have plans for them when I finally manage to get back to Traumador... oh how I wish I had a machine that could produce extra time!)


Albertonykus said...

Good to see you making great progress in feathering! I suppose we'll get to see more bird-like deinonychosaurs and oviraptorosaurs than previous renditions?

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

cool terror bird! what a beak!