Jul 12, 2009

Who knew pictures could cause such a fuss?

Over on ART Evolved a totally unexpect debate has popped up over the use of other artists work. We're looking for as many opinions as possible so please go check it out and tell us what you think of the subject.

I actually haven't touched anything Cambrian or even 3D today. However I rendered this particular pic late last night. What scares me is that though neither of these critters have been posed, but yet I could probably get away with putting this pic in the final gallery. Not that I'm planning to, but I expect at least one of my Anomalocaris pics will top my Karoo Sunset.


Raptor Lewis said...

The Anomalocaris looks great, Craig!! However, I think I'll go check it out see what it's about for you, alright?

Glendon Mellow said...

That's pretty sweet! I love the texture and markings. looks weathered.

But -argh! You didn't cite the artist! Fer cryin' out loud! Names, people!


(I'm such a jerk.)

Raptor Lewis said...

Glendon- I wouldn't be surprised if that Anomalocaris IS by Craig. Hey! He's getting pretty good at his CG, right? But, you're right. We all need to get in the habit of citing the artist. In fact, I'm having that problem on Dinosaur Home where some user (a kid, actually) doesn't even give the artist's name, though I know who it is. he just took it and uploaded it without permission. It's just downright plaigarism!!