May 18, 2009

A Creative Detour

I hit my first streak of major unemployment this year, and it's been a little annoying. After only one day last week (Monday) and this Monday off I've had a lot of time to regroup on my creative projects. The good news is that I have work booked for the rest of the week, and thus will keep me out of trouble (and the red).

I got an impressive amount of 3Ding done during this unplanned week off. No money and bad weather combined perfectly for reasoning not to do much else.

I have an unmatched number of CG Dinosaurs in these upcoming shots. Raptor Attack over at Traumador is going to be his most thrilling single post yet (though I have more coming down the line if people like it... here's hoping).

The only issue with these multi Dinosaur pictures is they take a lot of time. My new skeletonal rigs take a lot of my puters thinking capacity, and the feathers on the Raptors grind it further to a halt. So by the end of today I was getting sick of working on them, and with only 1.5 incomplete pics for the first part of the Attack, I decided to take a brainless break.

Not from 3Ding mind you. Rather from content where it mattered. As of such I built my first Star Trek ship in over 7 years. Inspired by the awesome visuals (sadly not the plot) of the new Trek I decided to rebuild the Enterprise as if I were the one relaunching the franchise. Here's how far I got it.

Obviously its not finished, but this was a mere twoish hours (not really focused either). However I might finish it up and stick it in Delta Patrol as a tribute to my second favourite space epic universe of all time (my first being Firefly).

Let me know what you think you Trekkies out there. I'm going for a more militaristic and armoured look, Starfleet Battles/Defiant if you follow

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Peter Bond said...

Nice Enterprise - looks very much like the new movie one. I think adding it to Delta Patrol is a great idea! Haha! It's not like we will release Delta and get sued by Paramount, so I say GO FOR IT! In fact, why don't we add any other franchised ship into Delta as well?! What about Serenity, the Falcon, x-wings, borg cubes, the last starfighter, a Delorian, and thet ship from starship troopers!