Jul 2, 2008

The Lovely Ladies in My Life

Well thankfully my New Zealand Immigration problems have resolved themselves for the most part (okay and by resolved "themselves" I really mean I resolved them through sheer angry force).

As I was down in the dumps last week the lady folk in my life (currently the majority of my New Zealand based social circle are female) went out and were very thoughtful.

Rhonwyn and Clare bought me this Iron Man action figure (seen riding the beginning of my New Zealand Styracosaur collection) as a morale boost present. It did the trick. He even shots that blue thing off his arm!


Clare said...

Iron Man should really think about getting a Styracosaur as a permanent sidekick. I'd love to see that comic! Hehe

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

"through sheer angry force"}


well, sometimes we have to be more velociraptorful or else we'll be eaten

HEY! nice toys! most dinosaur toys sold here are not as scientifically accurate as I'd prefer. BTW I've seen even Iron Man baby caps around here. They look as if half of the baby's head were Iron Man's skull mask.