Mar 16, 2008

In Control of Control... Thus far.

Well of course having failed one of my postings in a kids classroom last year meant I'd have to repeat it again. I just this week took total control of teaching and running the day to days of a nice grade 2/3 class.

So far things have been going magnificently. Granted there is lots of room for improvement, but thus far for having only done 3 days it feels a lot better than previous bits of actual teaching (which is a LOT different from how I've worked with kids in the 8 years before this program).

Here's the students of my class. Well here's how they've drawn themselves. Not wanting to risk any legal or moral complications this is the best you're getting for now.

Anyways being a full on teacher I once again have no time or life to speak of. So things like blog posts (mine or Traumador's) are going to scarce till April.

Rhonwyn Update

I hinted in my last posting that Rhonwyn came down "sick". One weekish later she is on the mend, and nearly back to full health again. This picture was selected due to it being funny, and my not being allowed to take that alone post a pic of her in ill form.

She sustained a nasty infection to the back of her knee which swelled up, and went feverish on my B-Day. By 4am that morning her whole body had a pretty full on temperature, and so at my very strong insistence we went to the hospital. There she was put on antibiotics and given crouches.

Funny enough if you follow the adventures of Peter Bond both he and Rhonwyn suffered the same thing within a month of each others. Only due to his much worse suffering I took my cue to not risk anything and get Rhonwyn's checked out early, and thus made her's a lot less intense than poor Bond's. On the downside she won't have the kick ass battle scar as a memento...

Anyways for my next post... the 150th of my blog... I'll take you back in time to 2 months ago to my trip to the far off land of Melbourne.


Peter Bond said...

Dude, you won't believe this, but my next post is also my 150th!!!!

Amazing! I am glad Rhonwyn is feeling better! I know exactly how she feels and you did the right thing, bringing her to the hospital. Infections suck.

Loved the last Traum post, I look so sleezy, it's great! Excellent way to work the award into the story.

Glad you are enjoying this teaching time better than the last. You'll be a teacher yet!

(Saw 10000BC yesterday, check it out and laugh!)

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