Jan 17, 2008

Blind Music Purchases

So after a year in New Zealand, a place at least 6 months behind the rest of the world entertainment-wise and typically only mainstream, I've been relatively without no music.

Thanks to two relief efforts by Karen and Clare I thankful had some needed injections to my limited library of music. However in preparation for the plunge back down under I ventured out and picked up some new CDs.

I however haven't seen any movies this year really so what was I to get?

Rather than scout out the music in their films first I took gambles on the following. Let's see how I did.

So Seinfield's animated movie. That alone had me avoid this one in theatres.

What attracted it to my attention though was it's by the same people who made Antz, one of my fav soundtracks. The music however was by Rupert Gregson-Williams, brother of Antz composer Harry Gregson-Williams... In the case of Harry I these days buy his stuff without reference due to the overall high quality of his work, and he has yet to sting me (pun intended!) unlike any other artist on that elite list.

Would I cut his brother a break? To be honest no. However my usual review site Film Tracks compared it to not just Antz, but Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, and my all time favourite Chicken Run. Though I disagree with film tracks on some topics (John Williams for example... he hasn't been any good since the 90's... tracks blindly worships the ground he walks on EVEN War of the Worlds' music!?!) they've never led me astray when comparing things to Chicken Run.

So picking up the Bee Movie CD, were they right? Yes indeed. In fact album to album their dead ringers of each other. Both are fun throughout, but have 4 amazing standout silly zany fun tracks. I suspect this will be a Craig classic.

Than I found on film tracks minutes after returning from buying the Bee Movie CD that Water Horse was done by James Newton Howard... oh man

Howard being my favourite of all time, and the first one I ever just picked up at total random without seeing the movie. With no track record established for Howard in 2002 I just grabbed Atlantis for some reason. It was brilliant. Just like SOME of the tracks from Water Horse.

Water Horse has about 4-5 really good tracks in and of itself. Sadly not as consistently good as Atlantis or one of his water themed best Lady in the Water, but still entertaining none the less.

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Bond said...

Can you make a reference list on the side of your blog listing the top 10 best composers and also a list of your top 10 film soundtracks?
Time to make Craig a definite specialist and the last word on film music. Craig-style.

Do it.