Jul 3, 2007

Turns for the Worse

Well no easy way to break it.

I failed my second placement...

Simple and up front it was a disaster in the making. I was in a class of teenager wannabes (a historically difficult group for me) and my health didn't exactly help at a key moment. I blew my control period.

At the same time all is not lost. I lost the battle, but the war if far from over.

it was not an easy time for any of us. Stress was rampant and manifested itself in all of us. Sadly random handstands like Andrew is doing here in my doorway in the midst of the chaos (he too had placement) didn't help me. Andrew made out fine in his placement, but not all made it. Unfortunately myself included.

It was fairly fitting that the weather was terrible throughout this time period. We had snow and winter like Vancouver. Not really all that bad compared to Alberta. Here it only got to -5 and a cm of snow. For here though that was doomsday, and the city shut down twice in the midst of my crisis (only compounding my problem when I was delayed getting to the doctor by a day).

There is a great deal of complexity to this tale, but sadly I don't have the time to tell it at moment. I'll get it up soon.

The net effect is this. I have NOT failed the overall course. Rather simply have to redo this placement and control period. Meaning that I will have to do one final placement early next year meaning I'll be in New Zealand an extra few months more then planned. Not ideal, but yet is all at the same time. It complicates things for sure in any case.

Though I do so with some guilt I ship off up North for the break we're on now. Though I didn't pass I learned a LOT this round. The second go is going to be much better, and I'll be a better teacher from what I buggered up.

Be in touch with the rest of the story in 2ish weeks...

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