Jun 9, 2007

Snow... Sorta Anyways

Occurring on what would ultimately prove to be a really stressful day at college (my own fault) we all awoke to a event that seemed to be the biggest deal since sliced bread. That is unless you're from Canada it seems.

After a streak of what we'd kept being told was extremely nice weather the climate finally went wintry last night. In the morning we awoke to the sight of snow. Or at least a tad of it. All up in the hills only, and probably only a cm or two thick.

It has just been funny to see all the locals suddenly go on about how cold it is, and the fact its snowing. The temp dipped down to a whooping -1 last night (around midnight to 2am I'm told), and apart from a nippy wind chill (which I'll admit even made me a tad cold) in the day times is comparable to Canadian fall.

Snow as seen from my window (funny second post in a row based on observation from my window. That should hopefully tell you a lot about the boringness of my blog/life lately. I never leave my desk except to eat, sleep, and go to skool!).

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